Tyler Nguyen
SURF 2021
Gharib Research Group

Credit: Lance Hayashida/Caltech
Tyler D. Nguyen

Third Year Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at Caltech with a Passion for Robotics and Aerospace

Who am i

Hi! My name is Tyler Nguyen, and I am a Mechanical Engineering student originally from the evergreen Portland, Oregon. As a kid, I was in love with everything situated above my head. I never missed the annual airshow, spent hours reading about all astronomy-related things, and never got bored of marveling at rockets and spacecraft at my local air and space museum. I also developed a passion for building and designing new things. My earliest childhood memories are of working on cars with my dad and creating designs for a helium-based flying car. I taught myself how to code, spent my nights watching engineering videos, and started to notice the creative and intelligent design of everyday objects around us. 

As a Junior in Mechanical Engineering student at Caltech in Pasadena, I have already been able to pursue my life-long dreams of working towards my Private Pilot’s License, develop new innovative technologies, and to reach for the stars. I was born to fly, and I can’t wait for what’s to come!


From autonomous fish robots to solar-powered disaster relief devices to vertical farming hydroponics tools, I have had extensive project experience in mechanical design, software programming, and electronics integration. My engineering portfolio showcases some of my top projects and the skills I have gained from them.

Bioinspired Fish ROBOT
An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle which imitates a fish, that can propel itself through water using a mechanical fin. This fish robot is used to test the efficiency and advantages of fin-based propulsion over conventional propellers.
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Autonomous/RC Sumo RObot
A small but powerful robot designed to compete in a Sumo Robot tournament, built for the Caltech ME72 Design Competition.
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Planetary Gear Transmission
A fixed-ratio planetary gear transmission designed and fabricated for the ME14 Design and Fabrication class.
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Solar-Powered "JuiceBox"
An alternative to gas and diesel generators, JuiceBox is a solar-powered electrical storage device designed for off-grid humanitarian work, remote medical care, and large-scale disaster relief. Produced by Shine Technologies LLC.
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